Holiday is a time of relaxing and enjoying. Our biggest success is when you feel “at home” during your stay and are able to really relax and enjoy. 


In order to help a little bit with this, you will find some suggestions below to make your stay even more enjoyable




Enjoy the large, beautifully landscaped garden. Choose a spot in the sun or shade, grab a drink and a good book or have a nice chat.

Children can enjoy themselves in the garden on the diving rack, with the many outdoor toys or a challenging game of basketball.
A little further is a large playground.



Enjoy the ultimate holiday feeling and spoil yourself with a rich breakfast in the morning.

In winter high season and during July and August we serve a delicious breakfast buffet.

(outside these periods you can reserve breakfast at the adjacent restaurant)




We would like to invite you, after a nice day outside, to join us in the lounge, stube or garden whilst enjoying small fingerfood, drinks and the company of others. We are happy to serve you or serve yourself at our “Honesty-bar”.

Standlgut diner


During High Season we arrange, when there is sufficient animo, a cosey dining evening at Standlgut.

Think of a BBQ during a warm summer evening,enjoy the food from the outdoor grill whilst having a nice drink, enjoying the sunset and the company of your fellow travellers.

How about a traditional Flammkuchen evening in our authentic Stube. Or we ask the children to bake their own pizza (and of their parents) in our big kitchen. 

Just have fun, relaxe and enjoy.